Agbada Bag in Black


Our culture plays a major role in inspiring our designs and what we create. Every part of our home country Nigeria has a unique culture and traditions that we are able to re interpret in our design, that is the beauty of Nigeria and our continent Africa as a whole.

Agbada, which translates to “voluminous gown” in the Yoruba language, is a flowing robe-like garment worn by people in various West African countries, with its origins primarily rooted in Nigeria. It is traditionally associated with the Yoruba people but has transcended ethnic boundaries to become a symbol of prestige and cultural identity across West Africa.

The Agbada gained prominence as a symbol of wealth and status, primarily during the 19th and 20th centuries. It was worn by royalty, nobility, and the affluent elite for special occasions, ceremonies, and as everyday wear for those who could afford it. The garment was, and still is, characterized by its voluminous, wide sleeves and an elaborate, often embroidered, neckline.


Bag Dimensions

Width – 15inches

Height – 11.25inches

SideĀ  – 4.5inches

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